My Travel Essentials

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I love to travel, but unfortunately I don’t do it as much as I would like. Like I said, I live in Germany but I’ve lived most of my life in Portugal, my family is there and so is my hearth. Because of that I like to go there whenever it’s possible.
The flight between Germany and Portugal is quite short, about 3 hour. Usually I travel during the day, I don’t fall asleep, so I need something to entertain myself.

Since I got my iPad Mini I can’t go any where without it. I always make sure that it’s completely charged because I still don’t have a portable charger (it’s on my list). During the flight I don’t have internet access, so I use it to play games (the ones I never play but when you’re bored anything is good), to read (I use the iBooks app, it’s very easy to use and I love the way the pages turn!) I also love to watch movies, so sometimes I like to download something before the flight so I can watch it.

Of course we can’t forget our Phone, which I mostly use to listen to music.
To go with my iPad and Phone I always bring headphones (I don’t want to be that annoying person sharing my music with the entire plain). Usually I prefer the normal apple ones, but I recently pierced my tragus so for now I can’t use inner ear headphones.

I use contact lenses on a daily basis, but when I’m at home or in this case, in a flight, I much prefer to wear my glasses so my eyes don’t get dry.
My favorite accessory are my sunglasses. It was very hard to find sunglasses that fit me, because my face is quite small and thin I always look like a child using her mothers glasses. I love these ones, they have this vintage/John Lennon vibe witch I love.

I usually don’t wear that much makeup, I like to go pretty simple, but in my bag I always need to have a lip balm, and Carmex is my absolute favorite. In my bag I also like to carry a hand cream (this one is just a cheap one from Lidl, but it smells really nice).

The last thing you want to forget is your wallet with your passport or ID, and of course, a little snack for the way!

To carry all this I have my favorite bag, it looks small, but everything fits perfectly!

With Love,